Punyo in the Chinpo: Review

I debated for some time whether or not to branch out into reviewing adult toys, but considering that this blog is intended for adults only, and this is a sex-positive blog, here is the debut of my first adult toy review. The cute characters featured in the box illustrations immediately caught my eye: two otoko no ko: a blond and a brunette, dressed in adorable, frilly … Continue reading Punyo in the Chinpo: Review

In The Defense of Diabolik Lovers

I’ve talked about the mistreatment of otome-ge heroines by the community, and about how it’s perfectly fine to like sadistic characters, and how dark games are a valid choice of entertainment, but time and time again, the same criticisms are used without any logic behind the immediate negative response, and no other series has been such an object of hatred and controversy as the Diabolik Lovers series. I stand by my previous arguments, and at the risk of being repetitive, this is a defense for the series which I personally adore, which I firmly believe the otome-ge market needs more of.
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Character Spotlight: Makiba Rika

With October creeping closer, it’s time to show my appreciation for my favorite character from certain a dark eroge: Makiba Rika, from Euphoria. With its upcoming English release, the title has been gaining popularity as one of the most extreme examples of the visual novel horror genre to come to the West. Unfortunately, due to a number of people who shame imaginary fantasies, it has also gathered quite a bit of infamy as well.
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Character Spotlight: Yaehara Daria

Gekka Ryouran Romance will forever be a favorite of mine. It was my introduction to otome-ge, and with taboo relationships as the theme of the title, there are several options of forbidden lovers to pursue, from teachers to siblings. My favorite, however, will always be the yuri option: Yaehara Daria. I wrote my first impressions of her route a few years ago, and she still makes me swoon. I intend to write at least a full review of the game one day, but until then, this is a tribute to my favorite prince.
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Merchandise Unboxing: August: 2015

Aside from being able to support a niche market, one of the greatest moments of satisfaction in receiving a shipment of new merchandise is the excitement of simply opening it, the surprise of unexpected extra goods, or admiring the package art. Having yet to do an unboxing post, I’ve decided to share my most recent shipment of games.
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Why Loli-ge Should Be Available in the West

Loli-ge—that is to say, eroge featuring a majority of or exclusively loli heroines—are a controversial subject, as a source of constant debate. However young they appear, all eroge characters are required, by law, to be eighteen or older. But even in materials where an age limit is not required, such as in manga or doujinshi, whether the characters are underage or adults, the characters do not exist, and therefore cannot be harmed.
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