Merchandise Unboxing: August: 2015

Aside from being able to support a niche market, one of the greatest moments of satisfaction in receiving a shipment of new merchandise is the excitement of simply opening it, the surprise of unexpected extra goods, or admiring the package art. Having yet to do an unboxing post, I’ve decided to share my most recent shipment of games.

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  • Monobeno: More Smile For Natsuha (Lose)
  • Monobeno: More Smile For Sumi (Lose)
  • Monobeno: More Smile For Alice (Lose)
  • Mousou Complete (Insync)
  • Naisho no Naisho (Iris)
  • Dracu-riot (Yuzusoft)
  • Hareta Hi ni wa Tenshi ga Mieru (Pianissimo)
  • Majo Koi Nikki (Qoobrand)
  • Astral Air no Shiroki Towa (Favorite)
  • Sukima Zakura to Uso no Machi (Propeller) 
  • Twilight (Studio Twinkle)

Most of the titles are loli-ge, with the Monobeno: More Smile set, Mousou Complete, Naisho no Naisho, and Hareta Hi ni wa Tenshi ga Mieru. In a pleasant surprise, most of them came with limited edition goods, including a B1 cloth, an autograph board, artbooks, and various soundtrack and drama CDs.

Majo Koi Nikki had especially beautiful presentation inside of the box, with a detailed artbook, a pencil board, a color player’s manual, the game disk, and soundtrack.

Astral Air no Shiroki Towa also had exceptional packaging: upon opening the box for the first time, I was greeted with an image of the main heroine, smiling in welcome, and the winter scenery depicted on the vocal album cover makes me wish for summer to end.

Dracu-riot is my first Yuzusoft title. It caters to my love of vampires, while also presenting a cuter version of the classic monsters.

I’ve wanted Sukima Zakura to Uso no Machi for some time,  having caught my interest with its cinematic opening movie and post-apocalyptic premise.

Twilight is the oldest game by far, coming in the format of four floppy disks, but the old-school art still has a vintage charm.

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  • I Doll U (Otomate)
  • Diabolik Lovers: Limited V Edition (Rejet)
  • Diabolik Lovers: More Blood: Limited V Edition (Rejet)

I absolutely had to pick up I Doll U, with adorable artwork by Fujiwara Cocoa and an upbeat, catchy soundtrack. Along with the cutest little cross-dressing heroine, the variety of handsome male idols include a sadist, a masochist, a tough-talking tsundere, and my favorite, the cat-eared shota.

Having already owned the first two games in the Diabolik Lovers series on PSP, it was time to have the PSVita ports, with better resolution and after stories. It is a love story of the most twisted and darkest sort, with the heroine preyed upon by families of vampires, each of which seek to dominate her by means of coercion, torture, and murder. The series, although it doesn’t explicitly depict sex, pushes the boundaries with suggestive artwork, and the most sensual lines are delivered through a dummy head microphone.

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  • Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: New Generation (St. Michael Girls’ School)

For my entry to the Sono Hanabira series, I decided upon New Generation for the entirely new cast of characters, which doesn’t require familiarity with the previous games. In addition, the artwork is the most polished out of all its predecessors, and it offers three couples instead of one.


  • Sweet Pool (Nitro+Chiral)

Compared to the pure love theme of the previous title, Sweet Pool provides a stark contrast with realistic character designs, nightmarish body horror, and an inescapable, oppressive atmosphere.

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