Musumaker HD: Preview

The loli-ge subgenre has truly established itself over the years, with the introduction of  companies such as Lose, with its stunning visuals and innovative system, and Iris, specializing in its sweet stories. But Digital Cute holds a special place in my heart, for its very first title is still one of my personal favorites.

Musumaker was years ahead of its time, as a unique raising simulation with a complex training system. The combination of animation and adorable artwork is still visually impressive today, although limited by the technology of yesteryear. With the announcement of its remake, this new director’s cut edition has even more to offer than the original. With higher resolution, new erotic content, and additional scenes added to it, Digital Cute proves it is indeed possible to improve upon perfection.

I have a wishlist of my own, albeit unlikely, items which I hope could be addressed in the remake. As the main heroines, Mikan, Ichigo, and Karin are given the most attention, with various endings to be achieved for each of them, but many of the other charming characters unfortunately did not receive full routes. Particularly, my favorite character Yuzu, a sweet young boy, has yet to be given his proper attention. It is tragic that there is no option to pursue Yuzu beyond a sub-route, and that his sex scenes focus on him in his female outfit, when his male clothing is equally becoming. Although Hikari, Suika, and Zakuro could also benefit from more complete stories as well.

Along with expanded routes, a wider variety of erotica would also be appreciated. While the original already had a multitude of both light and dark sexual content, with everything from simple vanilla to hardcore BDSM, Digital Cute has already provided a preview of the new adult content. The remake’s website features a CG of Ichigo in a sinister situation, perhaps hinting at the possibility for ero-guro.

Finally, there is a noticeable lack of customization. The original had an emphasis on variety, with multiple options for each training session, chosen heroine’s career, and ending—but the appearance of the heroines cannot be changed. The addition of being able to choose hairstyles and outfits would be a creative new option, adding more replay value.

But, in spite of petty wishes and minor complaints, Musumaker HD is undoubtedly going to be a worthwhile addition to one’s loli-ge collection, even for those who have already purchased the original. While the release date is set for late June, the temptation of newly-illustrated preorder bonuses, and the Mikan dakimakura in the deluxe edition, has me impatient for its release.

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